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Gear Repair & Cleaning

Fix your stuff,
Reduce waste,
Save money.

At Wilderness Equipment Rentals, we believe in the benefits of maintaining equipment over replacing it.

When it comes to our gear, we're all in this together and it's essential that we make environmentally conscious choices. Repairing not only extends the lifespan of your favourite outdoor equipment but also reduces waste and lessens your carbon footprint. Moreover, it saves you money in the long run by allowing you to invest in new adventures rather than constantly buying new equipment. Our team is committed to helping you make the most of your outdoor experiences by offering cleaning and repair services for everything from tents and sleeping bags to paddleboards and camping stoves. Join us in our mission to preserve the planet and your pocket by choosing repair over replacement!

Available Services

These are some examples of the services we provide, if you have a special request for a repair not listed here, please contact us.

Summer 2024: Repair services are subject to availability - please contact us for an estimate. Regular repair hours will return in the fall of 2024

Tent Detailing - Cleaning, Inspection, & Water Repellent Application

Basic Detailing & Inspection
Up to 4-person tent $35 / Larger tent $45
Includes: rinse and dry tent, fly, and ground sheet; inspection of floors, mesh, zippers, clips; replace missing / damaged guy lines, peg loops; zipper lubrication; pole cleaning and inspection; folding & re-packing. Great for putting the tent away for the season!

Add spray-on durable water repellent
Up to 4-person tent $20 / Larger tent $30

Full polyurethane restoration
Up to 4-person tent $40 / Larger tent $60

Stand-Up Paddleboards

Inspection & leak check
$50 per board

Patching & sealing
From $30

Valve replacement
Based on availability

Technical Clothing

Technical outerwear wash & waterproof
Single item $20
Or 2 items $30

Restore water repellency, maintain breathability

Zippers & Repairs
Contact for shop quote

Sleeping Bag & Down Clothing Cleaning

Full-service down wash, sleeping bag or clothing
Single item $30
Or 2 items* $45

Down-specific detergent, extra rinses, low-heat tumble dry & air fluff, zipper lubrication

Synthetic sleeping bag wash & dry $20
Or 2 items* $30

*Subject to washer/dryer capacity

Tent Patching

Waterproof repair tape patching
From $15 per tent
For small tears or pinholes up to 2" / 5cm

Seam sealing paste
From $30 per tent
For leaking seams in tent floors, flys, tarps

Large tear patching & sewing
Contact for shop quote
For tears larger than 2"

Tent Poles

Re-string shock cord
$25 per pole

Pole segment repair
Contact for shop quote

Pole segment replacement
Based on availability

Sleeping Mats

Inspection & leak check
$25 per mat

Patching & sealing
From $15

Valve replacement
Based on availability


Cleaning & inspection
$30 per backpack
Includes: Full inside & outside clean, zipper lubrication, strap & buckle check, minor hole patching

Clip or buckle replacement
From $20

Major repair or patching
Contact for shop quote

Camp Stoves

Inspection & diagnosis
$30 per stove

Stove repair
Contact for shop quote

Stove cleaning
Single-burner $25
Double-burner $35

Includes: fuel lines, interor and exterior degreasing, scouring grill or griddle

The top reasons to maintain and/or repair your outdoor equipment:

  • Personal attachment: You may have a sentimental connection to your outdoor equipment, making it more valuable to you than a new, unfamiliar item.
  • Cost savings: Repairing or maintaining outdoor equipment is often more cost-effective than buying new items, as replacement costs can be significantly higher.
  • Environmental impact: Extending the life of outdoor equipment through repairs reduces the need for manufacturing new items, conserving resources and reducing waste.